Writing about the D-Backs

brown rock formation under white and blue cloudy skyI made the decision to start writing about the Arizona Diamondbacks. Do not expect daily updates on the team from me (results, roster transactions, DL, etc.). I do not have the time nor the interest in doing that. Besides, many other sites will probably do a better job in that than me. My aim is to write articles on the D-Backs and relate them with specific baseball terms and knowledge. I am not an expert; everyone can write about what I will write. I hope I can reach someone in Europe with these articles every once and a while and maybe, who knows, just maybe they will gain an interest in baseball and the Arizona Diamondbacks. That way they can accompany me, because being an D-Backs fan in Continental Europe seems like solitary confinement (I guess). And even I hope to learn from my own investigation and writing.

I am not American and I never played baseball as a sport. I did always have some lurking interest in baseball, since my home country has always been one of the best in, at least, Europe. However, my main reasons to follow baseball are two: first of all, if you ever witness a live game of baseball and you are close to the home plate, it is pretty impressive to see those hard thrown pitches and even more impressive when the batter hits one. The sound of a ball being hit is amazing as well. Second, baseball has an absolutely crazy use of statistics. If you like that part too, then you are at one of the best sports.

In my opinion, once you have established an interest in baseball, you need to follow the MLB and you need to follow a team. With 162 games a year and with so many players pitching and hitting, you cannot pick a random game every now and then if you want to understand all aspects of baseball. It is easy to start following one of the mainstream teams like the Yankees, Dodgers or, ever since winning last year’s World Series, the Astros. But I have never supported any mainstream team, so in baseball I did not want to do that either. So, why the D-Backs then? Well, it had to be a National League team, because I just like to see the pitcher bat as well and it has always been the league I liked most. For some reason (think it has to do with one of the first caps I ever had: a Phoenix Suns cap) I have always had some interest in things that had to do with “Arizona”, so the Arizona Diamondbacks could make sense then. I like their logo and the club colours. It is a relatively young team since it was established in 1998 (this year they celebrate their 20th anniversary), so I have not lost that much of their history. It is also a pretty successful franchise, having won one World Series and five division titles in just 20 years, so I do not have to support one of the worst teams. They are also in one of the most interesting divions with strong franchises like the Dodgers and Giants. So, those are all reasons that made of me a follower of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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